A dentist performs a tooth extraction as an outpatient procedure. Pulling teeth (complete removal of a tooth from its socket in the jaw bone) may be necessary in some cases to maintain or improve your dental health. A local anesthetic will be used by the dentist to numb the area. An anti-anxiety medication or an intravenous sedative may also be administered. An impacted tooth may be broken into pieces before being extracted during dental extraction.

When do Extractions become Necessary?
Extraction may be necessary for the following situations:

  1. Getting your mouth ready for bridgework or dentures
  2. Making space in a crowded mouth, which is frequently done in preparation for orthodontic treatment?
  3. Infection or decay that does not respond to root canal treatment
  4. A tooth that has been damaged and cannot be repaired
  5. Impaction or erupting at an unusual angle or growth rate
  6. Gum disease that is too severe to be treated with periodontal therapy

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